REEL Oakland


We believe every student in Oakland should have the opportunity to strive, explore, and expand their horizons in multimedia.


Reel Oakland is an immersive and hands on after school program for inner city youth in Oakland, CA. Reel Oakland provides students the unique opportunity to produce a short film focusing on specific genres that sparks their interests such as, documentary, drama, comedy, romance etc. Students will understand the power of filmmaking and how it can be used for advocacy and how filmmaking can shape the way we see the world.  This program is designed for 8-10 Upper-Division students that are serious and curious about multimedia and seek to make it a profession someday. This intimate group ensure personal attention and encourage group collaboration in all facets of filmmaking, including screenwriting, visualization, developing narrative, and the entire production and postproduction process.

Be Apart of the Cause!

To help support the REEL Oakland students and the program, you can give any amount below. We appreciate your support! -REEL Oakland Family





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