Life Update!

Hey y’alls! It’s been a minute; I know…You see; I would say an apology BUT I won’t waste your time. Trust me. Anyhow so much has happened since my last post about being fired. I wanted to use this latest entry to give you a life update and a few nuggets of advice I’ve learned along the way. As always, I hope you enjoy this brief post! Peace & love ❤


Travels: I traveled to Barcelona, Spain this past summer as an au pair with my sister and visited my other sister in England. In case you’re not familiar with being an au pair, it’s simply someone who travels to another country to teach another language to a child. It was a great experience! I had tons of churros con chocolate (almost ate 30!!), and enjoyed the great summer clothing deals. However, since my film career is finally taking off, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it again next year. I do believe that experience happened for a reason, and I’m glad I was able to support my student to the best of my ability! If you’re interested in being an aupair, holla at me.

WERK, WERK, WERK: Alongside my summer experience, I’ve been WORKING, WORKING, WORKING! The great news is, I’m working, but the even greater news is that I’m working. It’s such a blessing to be working towards my goals to becoming a director/producer. I have huge dreams and I know one day it will surely pay off, in JESUS NAME!comparison11

I’m only at the beginning stages, and trust me…it’s not so glamorous or glitzy as people “try” to make it out to be on social media. There’s some nights where I question God, other days I’m working hard like a manic. Being a filmmaker has its pros and cons, and it’s definitely not a job anyone can do…TRUST ME. I’m no doctor, but I try to change lives via multimedia, and if I can change one…I’ve done my job. Also, being a filmmaker, I’ve learned so much about myself, people, and the power of faith.

If you’re curious by the type of “filming” I do, I work with realtors, independent artists, production companies and more. The saying that says, “it’s who you know” is so true. If you’re an inspiring filmmaking, be kind to every.single.person you meet! You never know who you will run into again because this community is very small. Be Yourself, Be Humble, Stay Grounded and remember to always have faith!


I almost always discuss faith in my blogs because it’s my foundation, but in order to be in this profession, one must truly believe that it will work-out in the end. Think about it, why invest your time, money, and sleep (girl, yes) if you don’t believe it will work out? WHAT A WASTE! Whatever your passion is, I highly suggest believing and throwing your whole self to it and watch it flourish.


Thank you so much for supporting my blog and reading. xoxo

Until next time,



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