How to Survive Through the Struggle

We’ve all been through that “struggle” phase in life, whether that was an empty bank account, failed relationship, joblessness, stress at school, etc. The list goes on and on.

The one struggle I had was obtaining consistent employment right after graduate school. It was a challenge because I kept getting opportunities that were freelance work. You see, I was grateful, excited, and thankful to God for the opportunities, in fact I used those experiences to enhance/sharpened my skills. However, I needed a position with stability and longevity. Amidst my quest for stable employment,  I discovered a few helpful gems that encouraged me throughout that temporary season of lack.  That is why I decided to create this post to encourage you if you are currently in the season of “struggle” or just getting out of it. I’m here to help you.

1b464ae9f5df9220c23b2200fe518de7-happy-photos-house-ideasHave Faith: As the old saying goes, “Trouble Does Not Last Always!” the good news is…that saying is absolutely correct. In the midst of my “struggle” the shining nugget of hope that kept me going was knowing that I would eventually achieve my goals, obtain a job, etc. Having faith can be tough especially when your current state is a disaster OR when the folks around you seem to be excelling and you’re stagnant. I learned quickly that when I surrender and follow His will,  I would be more than okay.

First thing first! I had to speak what I wanted into existence. If I wanted to obtain something, I put my mind to it and acted upon it.  Therefore, you must speak positive. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS speak positive despite your current circumstances. I had to stop telling people that I was “jobless” OR about the other craziness that was happening around me. I had to start speaking life and affirmations into my situations. I read more scriptures, watched uplifting videos, and remembered what I was capable of. What I learned most about being in the struggle is growth. The ability to grow stronger in faith, perseverance, and patience. Most people shy away from the struggle but I simply embraced it and recognized that its just a temporary place to be in. Keep your head up and simply, #KeepGoing

It’s not as bad as it seems: Again…IT’S NOT AS BAD AS IT SEEMS! (I REPEAT) IT’S NOT AS BAD AS IT SEEMS! (*Now inhale….and exhale….*) Good.

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Yes, Girl! podcast by Essence magazine

When we’re in that “struggle” phase of life we feel as though the world is ENDING. Sometimes we even feel as if we’re in this “thing” alone. Truth be told, I found myself having very dark moments and isolating myself from everyone to sort out my emotions.Whenever our backs are up against the wall and the world looks dark we isolate ourselves. However, to reclaim my mojo, I usually play gospel music, journal, watch YouTube, exercise, listen to sermons, or surround myself with loved ones/positive people. I know…it’s ALOT but those things bring me so much joy and peace.

IMG_1093Trust me, it’s hard to blast positive uplighting music when your mood is at a zero BUT the soulful lyrics that streamed through the airwaves switch my mood instantly.

Plan! Plan! Plan: Quote–by Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Listen, Ben was speaking straight factzz...It’s oh so important to plan your goals and to be specific. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10, 20, 30 years? Create a goal sheet or vision board to physically see your goals on paper. Pray to God for what your purpose should be. Believe it. Act on it. When I was at UC Riverside (undergrad) I had no idea what I wanted to do. Initially, I started as a business major but when my grades were declining and I became EXTREMELY panicked, I knew something had to change. One afternoon, I prayed to God asking Him to reveal to me my life’s purpose and plans for my life. Yes, I know, such a bold prayer (BOLD prayers coupled with radical faith is so important yall). Later that night, I had a vivid dream that I was a director/producer. It was so satisfying and terrifying at the same time. It was as if God was waiting for me to ask Him for my life’s purpose. From that day forward, I’ve received many more dreams about filmmaking and I started to plan.

With that being said, I GOT A JOB! Full-time with benefits and exciting perks. Through faith and patience, the job opportunity came looking for me. I highly suggest being intentional when it comes to employment. At the beginning of my job search in January, I applied to positions that challenged me, expanded my creativity, and served the folks around me. As I mentioned before, God had given me employment as a freelancer before obtaining my current job but as I waited, I continued to speak my current job into existence. I kept telling myself, friends, family, even strangers that I would get an exciting job before the year ends. I probably sounded CRAZY to them since in Oct. I wasn’t working but I knew in my heart that I would get something. In the meantime, I kept updating my resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills. Luckily, I had a few interviews BUT they didn’t work out. I did feel discouraged but I quickly tapped out of that mind-set and kept applying anyway. One day, I attended an event and BAM! I was introduced to an exciting opportunity. I couldn’t believe it! I say this to say, keep the faith and stay focus on the prize. The “struggle” phase does not last forever UNLESS you allow it to. Use that phase to grow and learn as much as possible. You will make it!

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